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Care and Cleaning Instructions

Kennel owners naturally want their kennels to be clean, disinfected, and odor-free, subjecting them to frequent cleanings with a variety of harsh chemicals. 

Our partner, Mason Company, constructs kennels with the highest levels of zinc and other rust protective coatings in order to provide the greatest resistance to premature corrosion. 

Kennel Enclosure Care and Cleaning 

It is important to understand the following information to prevent any corrosion, pitting, and discoloration on all metals, including stainless steel. (Failure to follow this information may void your warranty.)

  • Deodorizing agents, disinfectants, and sanitizers should not stand wet on your product for more than just a few minutes. Any use of cleaners containing chlorides, bromides, iodines, and thiocyanates can lead to premature corrosion and discoloration. Bleach should not be used on any kennel equipment.
  • Rinse off all cleaning agents with clean water. The cleaning agents should not be allowed to evaporate and dry on the surfaces of the metal.
  • Urine should be removed rapidly and surfaces should be washed thoroughly.
  • Animal hair should not be allowed to collect on the surface of the equipment. The hair can hold urine and other fluids that can be harmful to your kennels.
  • Never use ordinary steel wool pads or brushes to clean your kennels. Instead, use only stainless steel or nylon bristle scrubbing tools.
  • Cleaning should be done frequently. Daily or weekly cleaning is suggested to maintain the best finish on your equipment.
  • We recommend KennelClean™ and KennelShine™ concentrated solutions to best maintain your equipment as well as disinfect and deodorize your animal kennels. These products are available from Mason Company.


Over time, your kennels might require adjustments, lubrication, or replacement parts in order to remain in top working condition. We recommend a yearly maintenance schedule to lubricate door hinges, adjust gate locks and any other moving parts. A standard, industrial grease works well.

If your kennels should need any replacement parts, Mason Company’s professional sales consultants will be happy to review your original order and assist you.