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Professional Installation Advantages

Advantages of the professional installation services available from Kennel Installations include:


  • Highly trained personnel have manufacturing experience, ensuring they are efficient and knowledgeable about how to install your equipment.
  • We communicate with general contractors at each project stage and focus on meeting project deadlines.
  • Crews understand how to avoid, troubleshoot and resolve issues that may arise in the field... and they will!
    • Isolation panels leveled and sealed to match the irregular floor slope.
    • Problem solving if there is miscommunication about wall issues not previously identified such as the location of light switches, thermostats and windows.
    • On-site adjustments and modifications for wall coverings. 


  • We partner with Mason Company to create the experience of one-stop shopping for your equipment and installation needs, eliminating the need to coordinate with a third party contractor about scheduling or invoices.
  • Crews arrive on time, ready to unload the delivery truck and start work... so don't break your back.
  • Staging of equipment is conducted quickly because of our experience – no wasted time means less installation cost.
  • We provide all necessary tools and equipment.
  • Installation time and cost is reduced because we are familiar with the products and the process; for most customers and general contractors their first installation is their only installation and the learning curve can be steep, time consuming and expensive without proper experience.


  • Fully insured.
  • Work is warranted for three years compared to most contractors one year warranty.
  • Final walk-through and inspection with owner's representative.

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